PAN Card for NRI

India Citizen

Apply PAN Card for NRI with few documents from abroad. Non Resident Indians (NRI) do not require Aadhaar to get PAN Number.

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PAN Card for OCI

Foreign Citizen

Foreign citizens need PAN Number for bank accounts in India. PAN is also required to buy or sell properties. Use professional help.

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Company PAN

Company PAN Card

Business/Company registered outside India can get PAN Number with copy of certificate of formation and address proof. Live chat now.

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Change PAN

PAN Changes

Must know current PAN Number to request change of address, update surname, or re-print of PAN Card. Request Corrections.

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What is PAN

PAN is "Permanent Account Number". PAN Number is required in India to conduct high-value financial transactions in 2023, operate bank accounts with KYC, receive a salary, sell or buy a property, etc.

e-PAN is accepted as a valid proof of PAN by banks in India and also for property transactions.

How to get a PAN Card

Individuals begin their application online (New PAN or Changes to existing PAN).

  1. To request New PAN card, first identify the type of applicant:
  2. For making changes to existing PAN or reprint request, individuals of all nationality can use same application form.
  3. Enter the applicant details. Provide the name, address, and contact details of the applicant.
  4. Make an online payment of fees. The price includes the shipping of PAN Card to the applicant's international address.
  5. Send proof of name and proof of address over e-mail for review.
  6. Print PDF, paste 2 photos, and sign the form as per instructions received by e-mail.
  7. Send signed application form to India by post or courier along with copies of proof documents. Applicants in USA or Canada have option to send signed documents to New Jersey for an additional fee.
  8. PAN Officials process the application form and allot a unique PAN Number to the applicant.
  9. Once the allotment of PAN Number is completed,
    • First, the applicant will receive digital PAN by E-mail. ePAN is accepted for Bank KYC, property registrations, etc.
    • Later, a plastic PAN card will be delivered at the applicant's overseas address via International Speed Post.

Though few stages of the application process are online, applicants need to finally send physical documents to India by post or courier.

Processing Time

Is it possible to get PAN Number in one day? There have been announcements in the past that PAN number will be issue in 24 hours. Have there been any NRI who lives outside India and have got PAN number in 24 hours?

The short answer is - NO. It is impossible for an applicant living outside India to get PAN Number that soon. The process involves sending signed documents with photographs for processing.

PAN officials in India need to scrutinize the ID documents and validate that the applicant never received a PAN number before. There are paper-work to scan the signature, photo, and create an electronic version of PAN card with digital signature.

Though PAN officials take utmost care in processing those documents, it is common to see applicants complaining the documents were damaged or lost at the facility. Considering the complex process and thousands of documents collected in a day, it is a great achievement from PAN officials to issue PAN number in 7 to 10 working days for almost every applicant.

For foreign applicants, the success rate is better when having an agent representing on their behalf. The agent will submit foreign applications in-person and liaise with PAN officials during every stage of processing.

International Customer Care

Residents of India apply directly through NSDL or UTI-ITSL. What about Non-Residents? When NSDL finds errors in application form or whenever NSDL has queries, the residents living in India can afford to visit PAN Office to respond to queries.

When applying directly to NSDL, overseas applicants will not come to know why their documents were rejected - (i) was it due to photo? (ii) signature at wrong place? (iii) was it because of incorrect proof documents?

Overseas applicants do not like the uncertainty and it is not feasible to visit NSDL office if and when application gets stuck in processing.

PAN Card Express provides professional services to overseas applicants and provides international customer care. PAN applicants receive international customer care and end-to-end professional services.

With professional support, overseas applicants avoid common issues such as incorrect details on the application form, lost documents in transit, spelling mistake, missing photo, possible duplicates, signatures at wrong places, etc.

Make changes on existing PAN?

Individuals who already have PAN number may need to update address, surname, or even date of birth. Applicants can also request for a reprint of PAN Card if they lost the old card, or if the photo on the card is damaged.

The changes can be requested through separate application proces. Foreign companies can also request to change details with PAN database.

Applicant must know their PAN Number to request for changes. Without PAN Number, there is no way to request for changes or reprint of PAN Card.

Apply PAN Changes (Form CSF)

Apply as Foreign Citizen

Foreign Citizens can obtain a PAN number from India in a faster time and with minimum documents. Can OCI get PAN Card? Yes, Overseas Citizens of India can get PAN numbers from India. Foreign nationals benefit from International customer service for their application. Foreign citizens and OCI need PAN for India bank accounts.

If the applicant has a valid India visa or OCI, there is no need to obtain a notary or apostille.

Apply PAN Card (Form 49AA - Foreign Citizen)

PAN Card for NRI

Non-Resident Indian (NRI), who are India Citizens can get PAN Number by applying PAN Card for NRI. Only photocopies of the applicant's India passport along with proof of address is required.

The passport must be valid at the time of application. Aadhaar is not required to apply for PAN Card as an NRI.

Apply PAN Card (Form 49A - India Citizen)

Foreign Business / Company

Companies and all types of business firms registered outside of India can get their PAN Number. Foreign company does not need to have a local presence in India. Expert assistance is available throughout the application process.

When Foreign Organizations receive payment from India against an invoice, payer in India may deduct taxes at source (TDS). Deductor will deposit such withheld taxes directly to the Income Tax Department of India by quoting PAN Number of the Foreign Company. Subsequently, the foreign company may need to claim back the deducted tax amount by filing returns to Income Tax Department of India.

Without a PAN Number, foreign companies could face deductions at a higher percentage rate. International companies furnish a corporate PAN number to manage taxes withheld & get invoices paid.

Apply New PAN (Form 49AA for Business)

Business may need a change in name due to merger or acquisitions. When a business has relocated, it is important to update the current address on ITD records. Foreign companies who already have PAN number may request to update address or name.

Apply PAN Changes (Form CSF for Business)

Photo for PAN Card

Individual applicants are required to paste two passport-sized photographs on the PAN Application form. Passport photo sizes are different across countries. Accepted photos sizes (1) 35mm x 35mm or (2) 50mm x 50mm or (3) 25mm x 35mm.

Take following precautions when pasting photos on the application form:

The photo can have a matte or glossy finish. Use photographs obtained from a local photo center, kiosks, Costco, Walgreens, or other photo studios. Applicants must avoid using ordinary printer paper to print at home.

Business or Company PAN Card applicants do not need to provide any photo. Use the company's seal or rubber stamp.


Documents required for PAN Card

Individual Applicants must provide supporting documents to establish - (1) Proof of Identity and (2) Proof of Address

Company Applicants will need to provide the Certificate of Incorporation and a proof of address for the business firm.

Applicants must avoid submitting originals and use only photocopies for supporting documents along with PAN Card Application.

Fees for PAN Card

Applicants make a one-time payment during application. The price list is published online for NRI, OCI, and Business firms.

Price already includes government fees, consultation charges, and also the international delivery of PAN Card to all countries - including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Netherlands, etc.

*Applicants in USA or Canada have option to send signed documents to New Jersey for an additional fee.

Change of mind before submission of documents to PAN Officials? No problem, a fair refund policy provides coverage to all applicants.

Track PAN Status

The applicant will receive an acknowledgment number after the submission of PAN application documents. Use coupon number to track PAN Card status online directly with PAN Officials.

It's simple to locate the PAN application and track the status online. Additionally, the customer care team sends updates to applicants by e-mail for every milestone.

Digital Signature for Foreign Citizen / Foreign Company

Using paperless process, it is now possible to buy Digital Signature by a Foreign Citizen / Foreign Company. Unlike PAN Application, there is no need to send documents by post for Digital Signature.

We help Foreign Citizens and Foreign Companies get DSC from India. We are authorized Registration Authority / Partner to sell eMudhra Digital Signature. Contact us for your DSC requirements.

What is PAN Card / Number

Permanent Account Number

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique number allotted by the Income Tax Department of India. Non-Resident Indians (NRI), Foreign Nationals, & Foreign Companies - they all may need PAN Number. PAN Card is available in the digital format and also a laminated tamper-proof card.

Why do I need a PAN Card?

Individuals and companies must quote their Permanent Account Number (PAN) along with any payments due to Income Tax Department. They must also PAN number on most financial transactions - fixed deposits, property purchase, investing in stocks/shares, mutual funds, start a new business, etc.

What is e-PAN and will it be accepted?

e-PAN is a digitally signed PAN card issued in electronic format by the Income-tax department of India. Yes, e-PAN is a valid proof of PAN.

Can I receive a PAN Card outside India?

Yes. Once the application is successfully processed, the applicant will receive (1) e-PAN by E-mail and (2) Physical PAN Card at the overseas address.

Difference between NRI PAN Card and normal PAN Card?

For NRI / OCI / Foreign Citizens, the application form must carry International Taxation AO Codes. Pan Card Express will help you with the correct International Taxation AO Code.

How significant is the Communication address that I provide on application?

Indian Income Tax Department sends official communication to the address mentioned on the application form. PAN Card is delivered only to the address on the proof document. So to avoid any inconveniences in the future, please ensure that your communication address is up-to-date in the database of the Income Tax Department of India.

What is the processing time of PAN Application?

After the applicant completes an online application form and pays the fees, the following are subsequent steps:
  • Step 1: For the preliminary validation, applicants may send supporting documents by email with proof of ID and proof of address. This step will help to avoid rework later – if any errors in the application form.
  • Step 2: Once proof documents are reviewed, the applicant will be requested to print the application form, paste photo, sign, and send paperwork to Chennai (India).
  • Step 3: The applicant shall receive an automatic e-mail with acknowledgment number / coupon number to track PAN Status online.
  • Step 4: For most applicants, PAN Number is allotted and available online in 5 to 7 working days (indicative). Within two days of allotment, the applicant will receive ePAN card by E-mail.
  • Step 5: Physical PAN Card will be printed in plastic and dispatched by registered post/courier. This step takes about another two weeks after allotment.

Who will process the applications?

Applicants who require international support and are time-sensitive, make use of services from PAN Card Express. PAN Services Units from the Income Tax Department of India will process all the applications through UTI ITSL / NSDL.

Are NRI, OCI, and Foreign Citizens eligible to get Aadhaar?

Aadhaar is not mandatory for PAN when the applicant resides outside India. Visit UIDAI Portal to learn about Aadhaar eligibility.

How to find PAN Number using my name and address?

PAN Number is confidential. Contact Income Tax Department of India if PAN Number is not available.

Can a person or business have more than one PAN Number?

No. A person or business is allowed to have only one PAN Number.

How to update address?

Apply here to update current address and also reprint a duplicate PAN Card.

Lost PAN Card. How to request a duplicate?

Apply for a reprint by quoting the PAN Number of the lost card.

During reprint of lost/damaged PAN Card, Can I also request to update address/photo/e-mail?

Yes. Together in one application form - applicant may request to print a duplicate PAN Card and also ask for an address update.

A person obtained PAN Number as Indian Citizen, but now changed citizenship. Need to apply for another new PAN Number?

No. Do not apply for a new PAN Number. The individual must use the same PAN Number allotted at the first time.

Apply for a reprint of a duplicate card quoting the same PAN Number. Even if citizenship is changed, the PAN Number remains the same.

What is the QR code found on PAN Card?

QR code on PAN Card contains demographic details of applicant - name, date of birth and photograph.

PAN Format?

Permanent Account Number would look like ABCPLnnnnS. Total of 10 characters/digits with below logic:
  • The first three characters i.e. "ABC" in the above PAN, are alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ.
  • The fourth character i.e., "P," stands for the Individual status of the applicant.
  • Fifth character i.e., "L" in the above PAN, represents the first character of the PAN holder's last name/surname.
  • The next four characters, i.e., "nnnn" in the PAN format, are sequential numbers running from 0001 to 9999.
  • Last character i.e., "S" in the PAN format, is an alphabetic check digit.