Cancellation & Refund Policy

Our firm believes in providing excellent customer care to applicants as much as possible, and has therefore a fair cancellation policy. Under this policy:

During Processing - Schedule of Partial Refund

You will be eligible for partial refund - depending on the stage of processing in which cancellation request is made. Only cancellation requests made within 3 months of payment shall be entertained.

(Stage 1) Before review of applicant's supporting documents sent over by e-mail: 90% refund

(Stage 2) During 1st level of documents review, Cancellation due to insufficient documents: 80% refund

(Stage 3) 1st level of documents review completed: 50% refund (as applicant has already utilized services to prepare all required documents - no further negotiations)

Refund Mode & Duration

Refunds are provided back to customer via online mode (PayU / PayPal). From the time refund request is received, the amount is refunded within 7 to 10 working days.

Submission of Physical Documents to UTIITSL / NSDL

No refund shall be entertained if the cancellation request is received after submission of application form and supporting documents to PAN Officials (UTIITSL / NSDL).

Satisfaction guarantee