Company PAN Changes

Foreign Business Firms may submit request to reprint Company PAN Card using old PAN Number. Also request for any changes or corrections required on Business PAN Card - such as name or address.

A business firm is allowed to have only one PAN Number. Companies wonder if they need to apply for another new PAN Number when existing business is changing it's name or address.

Instead of apply new PAN number, the business firms will need to continue using the same PAN Number. However, submit request to change name, address, or contact details as required.

Name:A business firm may change name due to merger, acquisitions, or for other business purpose. In such case, it is important to update PAN details with Income Tax Database of India with the latest business information.

  Steps to apply for Business PAN Changes

  • Applicant must remember to use existing PAN Number
  • Fill the business name, communication address, and contact details
  • Send copies of proof documents by e-mail for first stage of review
  • Once we confirm your documents to be in order, send signed hardcopies to our address in New Jersey, USA or Chennai, India
  • PAN Changes will be effected in 7 to 10 working days after receiving signed physical application form
  • Applicant will receive an email confirmation from the Income Tax Department of India - along with e-PAN Card with required changes

  Proof documents to submit

  • Provide a copy of proof of address in the name of business. The document must clearly show the business name and the communication address.
  • No Photo is required for Company PAN Card. Official stamp / seal of the business will need to be stamped.
  • The application form must be signed by the official signing authority - such as director, partner, proprietor, or a senior manager.