Pan Card Fees

ApplicationPassportDelivery AddressCost - USDCost - Rupees
New Pan CardIndian PassportIndia$ 19.50INR 1,200
New Pan CardIndian PassportOverseas$ 39INR 2,400
Duplicate Pan CardIndian PassportIndia$ 29INR 1,200
Duplicate Pan CardAll PassportOverseas$ 39INR 2,400
New Pan CardForeign PassportOverseas$ 49INR 3,000
New Pan CardOCI CardOverseas$ 49INR 3,000
Company Pan CardForeign CompanyOverseas$ 100-
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Pan Card Express provides value added services that includes dedicated customer service for NRI, Foreign Citizens, and Foreign Companies.

Above price is inclusive of all applicable taxes. Price also includes government mandated nominal fee payable to UTITSL / NSDL for processing of PAN Card Application.

PAN Applicants may choose to pay fees in USD, GBP, SGD, and INR. Wire payments, PayPal, and secure payment gateways are available to all applicants.