Pan Card for Foreign Citizens in USA, UK, & Worldwide

Pan Card for Foreign Citizens

Address Proof must show applicant name. Provide address below as per proof document:

  Things to note

  • Applicant must hold a valid Foreign Passport
  • Complete Form 49AA (above) and choose supporting documents
  • Applicant will receive PAN number via both email and plastic card
  • Copies of proof of ID and proof of address must be submitted by post
  • For further assistance, write to for same day response

  Proof Documents Required for PAN Card

  • Applicants need to provide copies of documents to establish identity and current address
  • Proof of ID must carry the name of the applicant, and a photo
  • Proof of Address must show the current address of the applicant

  Documents List

  • Proof of ID (choose one below - only copies - do not submit original)
    • Valid India Visa / E-Visa (No attestation required)
    • or OCI Name/Photo page (No attestation required)
    • or Foreign Passport1 - legalized / or Apostille / or Attested from Indian Embassy

  • Proof of Address (choose one below - only copies):
    • OCI Address page
    • or Driver's License
    • or Utility Bill
    • or Bank account statement

  Pool your courier to India (USA/Canada)

  • Due to COVID-19 situation, applicants in USA / Canada find difficulties in sending documents to India.
  • For applicants who find FedEx/UPS to be expensive, they can use shared courier that we send from New Jersey, USA to India.
  • Pay $15 separately to make use of the shared courier to India.
  • Applicants must send their documents to our address in New Jersey mentioned on this website.
  • Our office in New Jersey will send courier to India once in every week.

  Processing Time

  • Note that PAN officials begin processing only after the receipt of signed documents in India
  • PAN Number is generally allotted within 5 to 7 working days2
  • Immediately after allotment of number, Applicant receives an e-mail from Income Tax Department of India with ePAN
  • PAN Number received by e-mail can be used for Banks in India or other appropriate uses.
  • Plastic PAN card will be printed in one to two weeks after allotment
  • PAN Officials will post the PAN Card by international speed post.

  PAN Number for Foreign nationals

  • All foreign nationals are eligible to apply for PAN Card online. No attestation of documents are required for most applicants.
  • Allotment of PAN Number is at sole discretion of Income Tax Department of India (ITD)
  • Applicants from worldwide countries obtain PAN Card using above application. List of countries include USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc
1 If OCI or valid India visa is not available, then copy of passport must be legalized by local government offices/ or Apostille by designated public notary/ or attested from Indian Embassy / Consulate. Contact customer care if you need assistance.
2 In certain cases, there may be delays observed in obtaining PAN number beyond the normal 5 to 7 working days