Pan Card for Foreign Citizens

Address Proof must show applicant name. Provide address below as per proof document:

  Things to note

  • Applicant must hold a valid Foreign Passport
  • Applicant will receive PAN number as "digital PAN Card" on email
  • ITD will dispatch a plastic PAN card also over International Registered Post
  • After fee payment, we review proof documents over e-mail
  • Once documents are verified, the applicant must print PDF, paste 2 photos, sign, and send documents by post/courier

  Proof Documents Required for PAN Card

  • Proof of ID must show the full name of applicant with photo
  • Proof of Address must show the current overseas address with applicant name

  Documents List

  • Proof of ID (choose any one below - only copies - do not submit original)
    • Valid India Visa / E-Visa
    • or OCI Name page
    • or Foreign Passport1 - Notarized by Notary Public

  • Proof of Address (choose one below - only copies):
    • OCI Address page
    • or Driver's License
    • or Utility Bill
    • or Bank account statement

  Send signed application documents by post/courier

Signed application documents are physically required at India office to begin processing the application.

  • Option 1: Applicants in USA/Canada may send documents to our New Jersey address (Additional postage fee is required).
  • Option 2: Applicants send documents directly to our Chennai address in India at their own postal expenses. We will provide you the address after completing document reviews over e-mail.

For applicants who opted for Option 1 and paid additional postage fee, our office in New Jersey uses FedEx to forward the documents to India as per dispatch schedule displayed on the website.

  Processing Time

  • PAN Officials begin processing only after the receipt of signed documents in India
  • PAN Number is generally allotted within 7 to 10 working days2
  • After allotment of number, the applicant will receive an e-mail from Income Tax Department of India with ePAN / Digital PAN Card.
  • Use PAN Number received by e-mail for Banks in India or other appropriate uses.
  • PAN Officials send the physical PAN Card by international speed post in one to two weeks after allotment.

  PAN Number for Foreign nationals

  • All foreign nationals are eligible to apply for PAN Card online.
  • Allotment of PAN Number is at sole discretion of Income Tax Department of India (ITD)
  • Applicants from worldwide countries obtain PAN Card using above application. List of countries include USA, England, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, etc
1 If OCI or valid India visa is not available, then copy of passport must be notarized by "Notary Public".
2 In certain cases, there may be delays observed in obtaining PAN number beyond the normal 7 to 10 working days