Pan Card for Foreign Citizens

Address Proof must show applicant name. Provide address below as per proof document:

  Things to note

  • Applicant must hold a valid Foreign Passport
  • Complete Form 49AA (above) and choose supporting documents
  • Applicant will receive PAN number via both email and plastic card
  • Copies of proof of ID and proof of address must be submitted by post

  Proof Documents Required for PAN Card

Applicants need to provide copies of documents to establish identity and current address.
  • Proof of ID must show the full name of applicant, and a photo
  • Proof of Address must show the current address of the applicant

  Documents List

  • Proof of ID (choose one below - only copies - do not submit original)
    • Valid India Visa / E-Visa
    • or OCI Name/Photo page
    • or Foreign Passport1 - Notarized by Notary Public

  • Proof of Address (choose one below - only copies):
    • OCI Address page
    • or Driver's License
    • or Utility Bill
    • or Bank account statement

  Send documents by post/courier for processing

Signed physical documents are required at our India office to begin processing. Applicants must send signed documents to our Chennai address by Postal Service or Courier - with tracking.

  Processing Time

  • Note that PAN officials begin processing only after the receipt of signed documents in India
  • PAN Number is generally allotted within 7 to 10 working days2
  • Immediately after allotment of number, Applicant receives an e-mail from Income Tax Department of India with ePAN
  • PAN Number received by e-mail can be used for Banks in India or other appropriate uses.
  • Plastic PAN card will be printed in one to two weeks after allotment
  • PAN Officials will post the PAN Card by international speed post.

  PAN Number for Foreign nationals

  • All foreign nationals are eligible to apply for PAN Card online. No attestation of documents are required for most applicants.
  • Allotment of PAN Number is at sole discretion of Income Tax Department of India (ITD)
  • Applicants from worldwide countries obtain PAN Card using above application. List of countries include USA, England, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, etc
1 If OCI or valid India visa is not available, then copy of passport must be notarized by "Notary Public".
2 In certain cases, there may be delays observed in obtaining PAN number beyond the normal 7 to 10 working days