Reject Reasons

PAN Card is most important for taxpayers as it is necessary for all financial transactions and is mandatory compliance to track the inflow and outflow of your money. It is important when paying income tax, receiving tax refunds, and receiving communication from the Income Tax Department. PAN Card in Income Tax filing holds great significance.
The PAN application may sound easy but it brings along various rejection cases of PAN Card applications due to incorrect or incomplete submission of the document for both individuals and organizations. Also, the PAN card application rejection due to inconsistency in the application form or the supporting documents can take place for online PAN card applications. And here listed down the notable reasons for a PAN application to get rejected.

Incorrect Application Form

New Applicants are required to fill out the PAN Card Application in either of the two forms - Form 49A and Form 49AA. Both forms have various fields to be filled that include personal details such as name, date of birth, age, address, gender, etc. Even though there are specific columns designated to fill information in the required fields, but many times applicants might fill these columns with incorrect information or miss out the mandatory fields

Discrepancy between application & supporting documents

Most of the times the documents that are delivered to the PAN authorities as identity or address proofs may not be printed evidently to identify as legitimate proofs. Also, there are times when, the documents that are necessary for identity proof are not provided and some other document is affixed. In these conditions, the application form for PAN will be declined by the PAN authorities

Mistake in AO Code

Applicant must fill the AO code details properly while filling out the PAN application. NRI, Foreign Citizens, and Foreign Businesses need special-purpose AO codes to go with the application.

Multiple PAN Requests

There is a chance of getting the PAN application withheld as DUPLICATE if the applicant applies for a NEW PAN card when he/she already obtained another PAN number in the past. These are some essential points that if remembered can help you ignore your PAN application being rejected.

Applicant's Name - Initials, Surname, Spelling

The basic thumb rule is not to use initials when filling up your name in the PAN card application form. Normally people use initials in place of filling up the surname or the middle name. If you have been writing initials in all your identity proofs and have filled up the full name in the PAN card application form, then the two names would not go with and the application will get declined. And vice-versa if you write your initials also the PAN application will get rejected as the PAN card database does not accept initials in the name field.

Accurate Postal Code

PIN Code / Postal code is a mandatory field and to be filled without fail in the PAN Application form. And many people forgot to fill up this pin code while specifying the address in the application. Failing so, then PAN authorities could not validate the address and also since the PAN card is delivered by post it is actually important for PAN card applicants to specify their PIN code on the application form

Mismatch between ID proof and address proof

The name in the ID proof and address proof documents should exactly match with the name in the application form

Acceptable documents for Foreign Applicants

The list of acceptable documents differs by country of residence. For example, USA Driver's License is accepted as a valid proof of address, while Singapore or UAE Driver's License is not a valid proof of address.


Applicants must make sure that all the necessary documents are in place before submitting to PAN officials. This adherence to the above points goes a long way in reducing any possibilities of PAN application being declined. Rather than these, ensuring all compulsory fields are provided also are steps that should be made sure to ignore rejection of PAN card application.
Pancard Express will help avoid these common reasons for rejections by filling the appropriate form with correct AO code details, and reviewing your applications with proper documentation before submitting to the PAN authorities.