Digital Signature Certificate, NRI, and PAN

Can NRI and Foreign Citizens buy India's DSC?

Yes - DSC can be bought online by NRI, Foreign Citizens, and Indian Citizens. DSC are used at multiple websites that involves establishing your identity during a transaction in India.

For example, Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (India), DGFT, Trade Marks, & Patents, Bidding for Tenders from Government of India - they all need DSC issued by a licensed Certifying Authority.

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Do I need a DSC to e-file my Income Tax returns on ?

Using Class-2 DSC, an individual can digitally sign tax returns filed online with Income Tax Department of India. It is the easiest and safest way to establish your identity to the Tax Department.

Where can I buy a DSC?

Applicants may buy DSC Online at - authorised partner that sells DSC from certifying authorities - eMudhra and Capricorn ID.
DSC Overview

What are the different classes of Digital Signature Certificates?

DSC is used to establish identity of a person through varying levels of checking.

  • Class 1: Validates email address of sender
  • Class 2: DSC is issued after checking documentary evidence of proof of identity and proof of address. Identity of a person is verified against a trusted and pre-verified database.
  • Class 3: Video verification is required - in addition to documentary evidences. Submit your video via smartphone apps (Android or iOS Phones). This class offers highest level of trust among all DSC classes.